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The settings contain features that would allow users to change various things around the site to your liking.

Change Username

You may change your username once every 122 days. During this period of time, people who enter your old username will be auto-redirected to your new one. Your password is required to change it.

Change Password

It is recommended that you change your password frequently. Passwords are case sensitive, meaning they would consider capital letters you enter. You must enter your old password to create a new one. If you have forgotten your password you can go here to request a password reset. You will need to enter your username and an email will be sent to the email address that you registered with containing information to reset your password.

Change Avatar

Choose and upload any picture to change your avatar from the default one. They must be appropriate for viewers of all ages. If it does not compile under this rule it may lead to a warning or suspension from the site. The file must be 150 kilobytes, 150 x 150 pixels and must end with an acceptable extension (jpg, jpeg, gif, png).

It may take up to 5 minutes for your avatar to update, if it doesn't "refresh" (F5) the page or clear your cache on your web browser.

Contact Links

Here you may add links to your profile page on other sites where users may find you. You can link to any website, this is not limited to profile pages as you can link to any resources you find useful.