Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunt:
A Sitewide competition
The Scavenger Hunt is the first of its kind and introduces a new Event Pokémon.

The event lasts from 24/09/2018 to 07/10/2018.


This hunt is time based, so after signing up the time starts counting.
After starting go to the Tall Grass and adopt an egg of each of the following Pokémon species:

77i.png Ponyta (Easy)  I447.png Riolu (Medium)  I333.png Swablu (Medium)

Hatch their eggs, evolve all Pokémon to their final stage (excluding mega evolution) and hit the finish button, so the time stops.
The best 750 users will get a new Event Pokémon at the end of the event.

Additional Information

  • Eggs of those Pokémon species will not count towards your PokéRadar during this event if they are adopted from the Tall Grass.
    • Exeption: If you are hunting one of those before the event started or if your PokéRadar is running without a recorded species yet it will count.
  • You have to own the needed key items for this hunt which can be bought at the Item Shop:
    • Egg-radar.png Egg Radar, Egg-radar-chip.png Egg Radar Chip (Easy) and Egg-radar-chip.png Egg Radar Chip (Medium).
  • Only eggs that are obtained after signing up for a scavenger hunt count for the event.
  • You can restart this hunt as often as you like. Your quickest hunt will count towards the leaderborard and prize distribution at the end of the event.


Rank #1:Rank #2 - #30:Rank #31 - #750:
Scavenger egg shiny mega.png
Shiny mega-able egg of a new Event Pokémon
Scavenger egg mega.png
Mega-able egg of a new Event Pokémon

Egg of a new Event Pokémon