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The Retro Radar Game is a special event celebrating PokéHeroes 5th anniversary, in memory of the first version of the Pokeradar, back then called the Shiny Radar Game. It is only accessible from 01/Jul/2018 to 11/Aug/2018.

How it works

Retro example.png
Users were sent out on a 10x10 field with a lent Retro Radar, where Pokémon-Shadows Shadow.gif would randomly appear that have to be clicked on.

If it turns out to be a regular, non-retro Pokémon, it will start a chain of this species and cout up in your Retro Radar. The principle is similar to hunting Shinies: The longer your chain, the higher will be the chance to find a Retro version of the species. If you are extremely lucky, you might even find a Shiny version of the Retro Pokémon. You can only catch one Retro Pokemon every day.

However, if you end up finding a different species than the one you were chaining, your chain breaks and you have to start again.

Also, keep in mind that you need Pokéballs Pokeball.png so that you can catch the Retro Pokémon.

Tip: The longer the distance between the last Pokémon-Shadow you clicked and the new one that pops out, the higher is your chance of finding a Pokémon of the same species. So, you might want to be patient and wait until a Pokémon-Shadow is far away enough before you click on it. No need to risk breaking your chain, right?

Hunting seasons

There are different hunting seasons that vary on a weekly basis:

Season Start - End Available Retro Pokémon
1 01/Jul/2018 - 07/Jul/2018 03ret.png 0157ret.png 0144ret.png
2 08/Jul/2018 - 14/Jul/2018 06ret.png 0160ret.png 0145ret.png
3 15/Jul/2018 - 21/Jul/2018 09ret.png 0154ret.png 0146ret.png
4 22/Jul/2018 - 28/Jul/2018 03ret.png 0157ret.png 0144ret.png
5 29/Jul/2018 - 04/Aug/2018 06ret.png 0160ret.png 0145ret.png
6 05/Aug/2018 - 11/Aug/2018 09ret.png 0154ret.png 0146ret.png