Retro Magikarp

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Evolution line
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Retro Magikarp is a Retro Pokémon that can be obtained by helping Professor Rowan.

On December 3rd 2015 the Shiny Retros have been released. The chance to hatch a Shiny Retro Magikarp is 1/50 (2%), since you can't chain Retros.

Hatching a Retro Magikarp egg will not count towards your Shiny Chain.

Note: There is no way to receive more than one Retro Magikarp from Professor Rowan at the moment. There will be a way to obtain it again in the future!




Pokedex information:
Famous for being very unreliable. It can be found swimming in seas, lakes, rivers and shallow puddles.
Species: Fish Types: Water.gif
EHP: 1,530 EXP to level 100: 1,250,000
Egg group: Undiscovered Mega Capable: N/A
Gender Ratio:

Male M.png: 50%    Female F.png: 50%    Genderless G.png: —%


Normal Shiny Shiny star.png
0129ret.png 1129ret.png


Retro Magikarp does NOT evolve.