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The Ranklist shows various site-wide statistics and rankings regarding the game. It can be found under the 'Community' tab.

Sitewide Statistics

This section shows the overall accomplishments of all PH users as a whole. Some statistics shown include the total number of adopted eggs and pokemon, amount of Pokedollar earned and total number of registered users.

User Ranklist

The user ranklist shows the accomplishments of individual users in various categories. The top 10 users are shown under each category in order of accomplishment.

There are currently 17 categories listed in the user ranklist. They are:

  • Most Interactions
  • Most Interactions (last 30 days)
  • Most Pokemon
  • Most Pokedex Entries
  • Most Eggs Hatched
  • Highest Trainerlevel
  • Longest Game Time
  • Most Money
  • Longest Pokeradar Chain
  • Royal Tunnel Explorations (highest level reached)
  • Most Wonder Trades
  • Longest Higher-or-Lower Chain
  • Most Shinies
  • Most ShinyDex Entries
  • Biggest Plushie Collection
  • Most Unique Plushies
  • Most Dream Points Spent

The 10 newest registered users are also shown under the user ranklist under a Newest Members category.

Pokemon Ranklist

The pokemon ranklist shows various statistics related to adopted pokemon on-site. This includes:

  • Strongest Pokemon
  • Highest Frequency*
  • Lowest Frequency
  • Highest Shiny Frequency
  • Lowest Shiny Frequency

*The frequency of a pokemon refers to the total number of a pokemon as well as eggs that contain that particular pokemon that can be found on-site at a given time. For example, if a pokemon species has a frequency of 5, only 5 of that particular species are currently found on site, including eggs.

Note: There is a slight delay in the updating of the ranklists. If you find that certain statistics shown in the ranklists are outdated, simply wait a few minutes for the server to update the information.