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Polls have been implemented in mid-July, 2014. The Poll Manager can be accessed through the Settings tab. It allows users to make their own polls which are then displayed on their user profile which other users can vote on.

Creating a new poll

Creating a poll

Anyone is able to create a poll, and costs no Money. When creating a poll, you will need to add a title for the poll, and some answers. There can only be a minimum of 2 answers, and a maximum of 10. (All PH rules still apply when making a poll.) More than one poll can be made.

You can add small Pokémon icons to the answer possibilities of your poll by using the following BBCode:


Replace PKDXNR by any PokéDex Number.

Once you add a title and some answers, you click "Create", and your poll will then be displayed on your user profile.

Viewing your active polls

Polls can be deleted on the Poll Manager page.

Viewing a poll on a users profile page.

Viewing polls on profiles

If a user has made a poll, it will be displayed on their user profile. Anybody is able to vote on the poll anonymously. You can only vote once on a poll and you cannot change your vote. If you made your own poll and it's on your profile page, you will need to vote on it to see all the votes in general.

You are also able to view the results of a poll while logged out.

If a user has made more than one poll, you can choose what poll you want to see and vote on by clicking the circles below the poll. Twopolls.png