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The Pokeradar.png Pokéradar is an item used for Shiny hunting. It records a chain of a Pokémon of the same species that you have hatched in a row.

Getting the Pokéradar

You can buy the Pokéradar in the shop, at the cost of 150,000 Pokédollars Pokedollar.png or 500 Nugget.png Nuggets.

Using the Pokéradar

How to access

You can access your Pokéradar by hovering over the Home tab, located at the top of every page, provided you have bought it previously at the Item Shop.

How it works

An active Pokéradar
To create a Pokéradar chain, turn it on and hatch the same kind of egg repeatedly, in a row, to increase the chances of hatching a Shiny. The maximum chance of hatching a Shiny is reached after hatching 40 eggs. This chain resets if you hatch a different Pokémon.
Multiple forms are affected by this. For example, if you are hunting Shellos (West) and you hatch a Shellos (East), it will count as a different Pokémon and the chain will reset.

Differences between Normal and Premium Users

Recharging a Pokéradar battery

The Pokéradar presents some differences depending on if you are a normal or premium user.

Normal users

  • The battery is quite unstable for this radar; the Pokéradar will run out of charge once you hatch a Shiny or if the chain is reset, and you will need to purchase new batteries with 50,000 Pokédollars Pokedollar.png, 50 Nugget.png nuggets or 50 Electric-gem.png electric gems if you wish to use it again. The chain will reset to 0 once a shiny is hatched.

Premium users

  • The battery has unlimited power, which means that the chain will not reset when a Shiny hatches and the battery does not have to be recharged.

Shiny Chance

The shiny chance is calculated using the following formula:

((14747 - 40 * E) / (2621440 * (41 - E))) * 2.5 * P * C

E = Number of eggs you've hatched so far, caps at 40.

P = 2 for premium members, 1 for regular members.

C = 1.1 if you own the Shiny Charm, 1 otherwise.

The maximum shiny chance is reached after hatching 40 eggs consecutively of the same species.

Membership Max. Shiny Chance with Shiny Charm
Normal 1.25% 1.325%
Premium 2.5% 2.75%


You can still hatch a Shiny without using a Pokéradar, but you will need a lot of luck because the chance is very low; however, this chance is slightly increased if you are a Premium member.
The Pokéradar doesn't guarantee that you will hatch a Shiny, although, you probably have a lot of bad luck if you don't hatch a Shiny after a long chain.

Extra Features

Changing Pokéradar Color

You can change the color of your Pokéradar when you click on the artwork. You have the choice between red, blue, purple, and green.