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The Pal-pad.png Pal Pad is a communication device used to chat privately with other users on PokeHeroes. It is a key item that can be purchased from the Item Shop at Emera Mall for 500 Pokedollar.png Pokédollars.

Once you have purchased the PalPad, an orange PalPad icon will appear next to the notifications icon at the top right hand corner of the site.

How it works

Clicking on the Palpad icon will bring up a list of users. Click on a user to open a chat box and start a private chat with him/her. After using the PalPad for some time, your recent chats will appear at the top of the list together with the time passed since your last conversation with them, for easy access.

You can see if a person is online by looking at the small circle next to his/her username. A green circle indicates that the person is online, while a grey circle indicates that the user is currently offline. Do note, however, that a person’s online/offline status may take some time to be updated.

Receiving Messages

New Palpad message
If someone sends you a PalPad message, the PalPad icon will light up, indicating that you have received a message. Clicking on the icon shows you your new messages, which will be at the top of the list of users. Users that have sent you messages which you have yet to read will have a red “NEW” label next to their username.

PalPad Settings

For privacy reasons, users may lock their PalPads to be accessible to only users on their Friendlist. This can be toggled via “Communication Settings” which can be found at Settings -> Misc. Settings.

Communication Settings
By locking your PalPad, users not on your friendlist can only contact you via Private Message. Similarly, you cannot PalPad other users who only accept PalPad messages from their friends if you are not on their Friendlist. In order to contact such users, you will also have to send them a Private Message.

Reporting a User

Remember to follow all site rules when using the PalPad. Do not send unnecessary spam or inappropriate content to other users via the PalPad. If you have been receiving abuse from another user through PalPad, you can use the report button at the top right hand corner of the chat box. A moderator will look into the issue shortly.