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The App Logo
The Herowalker is the first PokeHeroes application, released and available to download from 21/July/2014

This application, allows you to send a Pokémon to your Android Smartphone and then take a walk with it. The HeroWalker counts your real steps in the StandBy mode and converts them into experience points (EXP) for your Pokémon and also into Watts (20 Steps = 1 Watt). Similar to the PokéWalker.

The app was removed from the Google Play Store in September 2017 because it could no longer be supported due to technical issues. It might be replaced with another app in the future.

Item Radar / Tall Grass

You can use your Watts to charge your Item Radar. A luck-based mini game offers you the possibility to find rare items, such as mystery boxes or gems. Or may also want to use your Watts to catch wild Pokémon in the Tall Grass. Six different Pokémon are available so far - more to be added.


Systems Supported