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The Forums
The forum is a meeting place for all users, which can be accessed through the "Community" tab. In the forums, anyone is entitled to post about their views and ideas on a particular subject. All subjects must abide to the Rules and must be inclusive to everyone.

Please read the Rules that pertain to the forum in section 2!


A thread is another name used for a "topic" in the forums. You may create a thread in any section of the forums - except for the "News" and "Official Contests" forums. Please consult the site admin or a moderator if you wish to add a thread to the Guides section.

Your threads must be related to the forum you are posting in. For example, if you are posting in the "Help" forum, you should state what you're stuck with/what you need help with.

A thread can have three "statuses". It can be locked, viewed or can contain new posts. A locked thread will have a greyscale Great Ball, a thread that you have viewed will have a faded colored Great Ball, and a thread that contains posts you have not viewed is a colored Great Ball. You will also find threads with an Ultra Ball next to their titles. This signifies this is a pinned thread. This means it will stay on top of all threads regardless of the last time anyone posted.


You can also choose to subscribe to a thread. This will notify you whenever a new post is posted in that thread. You can unsubscribe to a thread at anytime you wish. There is no current way of listing your subscription to threads. You can find the subscribe/unsubscribe button at the top of each thread next to the "post new message" button.


Once you post your thread, you are always free to edit the main context, and its title. However, if your thread is locked, you cannot make any changes to it. Threads can only be locked or deleted by a moderator, they are locked for various reasons such as inactivity, spam prevention, or thread owner's request. If you want your thread to be locked or deleted, you should contact a moderator.

Searching for threads

Search Tool
It is possible to search for other existing threads by using the search tool. A white magnifying glass will be in a blue box on the bottom right corner of the forums. It is recommended you use this option before making a thread - just to check if the thread you're planning to make exists or not.


A post is simply a response to a thread/topic. Posts can be customized to fit a user's liking by using Bulletin Board Code BBCode to format it. Note that HTML coding cannot be used on PokeHeroes as only the administrator can do so.


Once you have posted, you are always free to edit it, but similar to editing threads - posts cannot be edited if the main thread is locked by a moderator.

Double Posting

You are allowed to double-post (posting twice consecutively) only in threads such as your diary or your personal art thread. You should also have a good reason to update your thread and none of your posts should not be spam. Otherwise, you are only allowed to double-post in a thread once per 48 hours, or if the thread is no longer on the first page in the sub-forum you posted the thread in.

You are also able to double-post - or more commonly known as a bump (Bring My Post Up) a thread such as trade shops to bring more exposure to it. This can be particularly useful if the thread has not been active for a long while.

If you would like to add information to a thread you can use the "edit" button. If you try to double-post in a short period of time, the text will automatically be added to your previous post and not as a new one.

If a moderator feels like you have been making to many spam posts, they may be deleted. Spamming in the forums may have serious consequences such as a suspension from PokeHeroes.

Next to your post, you will find three buttons.

  • The first is a permanent link to your post. This is a link that will redirect the user to that post specifically.
  • The second button is the "report" button. Here you can send a report to file a complaint against the specified post if you feel that the post contains content that is in breach of the rules of PokeHeroes.
  • The third button is the "edit" button. Clicking this will enable you to make changes to your post.

Forum Sections

The PokeHeroes forums are divided up into three main sections. Please remember to create your thread in the appropriate section/sub-section!

Forum Overview

This is an overview of the activity on the forum. Here you can find the topics that have been recently posted in. You are also able to find the trending threads that have the highest post frequency per day (most active topics). You can hover over the link to find the rate (n/day).

PokeHeroes General

This is where threads related to official PokeHeroes news/topics go.

News Anything that was announced on the front page of PokeHeroes will be further elaborated on here. You cannot start a thread here.


In this section, you are able to post any off-topic threads (Threads/posts not related to PokeHeroes, or Pokemon in general).