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These are the current events in PokéHeroes.

If you want to see all the past events go to the Event Database

Mysterious Pokémon:

Mysterious pkmn.png
According to many eyewitnesses, a mysterious and still unidentified Pokémon has recently visited Emera Town. It's said to be flying around and playing pranks on the inhabitants. It is small, fast and emits the sweet smell of honey.

"It's probably just a Burmy that learned to fly, or a Combee baby. Or it could be a Pokémon species we've never heard of so far. Whatever it is - I'll be the one to catch it!" - Bill, developer of the Pokémon Storage System.

New Pokémon species at the honeytrees

A new Pokémon species was found at the Honey tree! Go and hunt for it!

Advent 2013

There are four events taking place in Advent 2013. More information about them can be found here