Christmas Gifts 2017

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Sending someone a Christmas Gift

During the Advent 2017, users are able to send gifts to other users, and also receive them. Each gift would contain either a common, uncommon or rare gift.

How it works

There are 5 different designs which someone could pick. Once you have picked a design, you enter the person's username, and enter a short message (optional). Once you have sent the user a gift, they will be able to open it and see what gift they get. The gifts received are random, and are not picked by the sender/gifter.

The initial price is Pokedollar.png 250 Pokédollars, and the increases by Pokedollar.png 250 Pokédollars after every sent gift until the fifth. Any further gifts will cost Nugget.png 5 Nuggets and increase by 5 for every gift sent. The price of a Christmas Gift will reset at the start of a new day back to the starting price of Pokedollar.png 250 Pokédollars.

The Gifts

These are the items which can be found in the gifts.

Common Gifts

  • 50+ Game Chips
  • Pokeballs
  • Greatballs
  • 5+ Berries

Uncommon Gifts

Rare Gifts