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The Battle Shop is located in Emera Mall and is where you can buy items that will aid your Pokémon, which are usually for battle purposes. An example of items that can be used for other purposes are Calcium and Protein, which can be used to boost Tyrogue's stats for it to evolve into a desired form.

Accessing the Battle Shop

You can access the Battle shop by hovering over the Town Tab, which can be found at the top of any page, and selecting Emera Mall.

Then scroll to the bottom of the Emera Mall page, and select Battle Shop.

Browsing Through Items

Battle Shop Item

For each Item available in the Battle Shop, you are shown:

  • The image
  • Name
  • A description
  • Price

There are currently 26 items available.

Battle Shop Currency

Every Item available in the Battle Shop is bought with Battle Points (BP) Battle-points.png

Items from the Battle Shop cannot be bought with PokéDollars or Nuggets.

Gaining BP

The only way to gain BP is by completing a battle.

The amount of BP earned per battle is determined by how well you have performed.