Advent Raffle 2014

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Mega Altaria raffle
With the Raffle Tickets you would obtain by opening a door in the Advent Calender 2014, you can use them to participate in various different raffles.

You can get one raffle ticket every day after clearing an Advent Calender 2014 task.

On every Advent Sunday and on December the 25th, a special Pokémon will be raffled at 10AM server time. You can use your Raffle Tickets you have in advance to participate in the raffle - or you can save them up for the other weekly advent raffles. The more tickets you use, the higher your winning chances.


Raffle Prize Date
#1 Mega Altaria (Distributed to 10 lucky users) 1st December 2014 - 7th December 2014
#2 Mega Pidgeot (Distributed to 10 lucky users) 7th December 2014 - 14th December 2014
#3 Mega Glalie (Distributed to 10 lucky users) 14th December 2014 - 21st December 2014
#4 Mega Rayquaza (Distributed to 5 lucky users) 21st December 2014 - 25th December 2014
More to be added.