Advent Calendar 2023

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The Advent Calendar is part of the Advent 2023 events. Users were able to choose between 5 possible designs for their Advent Calendar.

How it Works

On the Advent Calender, it will show you dates up to 24. Everyday, you will be able to open one door to win a prize. Each door you open will have a challenge to obtain the prize.

If you have missed a day out or if you have already claimed the prize, the door will be filled in black.


Day Challenge Prize
1 Make 2,000 interactions. 1x Retro egg
2 Buy something from Item Market for more than 2000 PDs 5x Gems
3 Make 1,500 interactions + solve 10 hangman. Polestar egg
4 Send 2 Dream World Plushies to another user (Min.: 40DP each) 1x Rare Candy
5 Buy 10 Lottery Tickets. 200x GC
6 Catch 5 Pokémon at the beach. 1x Bait
7 Feed 200 Pokémon with berries. 1000x Powerorb
8 Bid on an Auction + Interact with 25 Eggs/Pokémon on the Index. 1x Mystery Box
9 Send 2 Dream World Plushies to another user (Min.: 40DP each). 1x Event Plushie
10 Make 2,500 interactoins + Flip the coin 100-times. Aurora egg
11 Fill your party with 4 Fire Pokemon. 1x Fire Stone
12 Send 1 christmas gift to a friend. 1x Mystery Box
13 It's free! No challenge today. 5x PokéBall
14 Place 5 Ice-Pokemon in your Party. 15x random Berries
15 Send out one christmas gift. + Make 250 interactions. 1x Mystery Key (Black)
16 Make a hashtag with #NewBeginnings 1x Mystery Box
17 Make 3500 Interactions. Snowrex egg
18 Interact with 20 Pokemon/Eggs on the Index-Page 1x Biscuit
19 Set up an auction at the Auction House + Bid on 3 auctions! 5x Ultra Ball
20 Set up a Wonder Trade! 1x Evolution Item
21 Send 2 Christmas Gifts + Hatch 3 Eggs + Flip the coin 20 times (Game Center) 1x DNA Splicer
22 Make 2,000 interactions. 1x Mega Stone
23 Have 3 pokémon in your party: Spheal, Delibird and Vanillite 1x Snowling Plushie
24 Interact with 8 Pokemon/Eggs on the Index-Page + hatch 4 eggs + set up a wondertrade + close your eyes and make a wish! 1 Week of Premium Membership
Open at least 20 doors until Christmas and choose between two new legendary Event Pokémon!

Open all 24 doors and receive both! (First Legendary and Second Legendary)