Advent Calendar 2019

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The Advent Calendar is part of the Advent 2019 events. Users were are to choose between 5 possible designs for their Advent Calendar. The drawings on the Calendar were created by the users posy, Silvesary, Akemie, -Banette- and Piolla.

How it Works

On the Advent Calender, it will show you dates up to 24. Everyday, you will be able to open one door to win a prize.

Each door you open will have a challenge to obtain the prize.

If you have missed a day out or if you have already claimed the prize, the door will be filled in black.


Day Challenge Prize
1 Make 1,500 interactions Mega able Ponyta
2 Make a feed using the #ThanksGiving hashtag! 10x random Gems
3 Send 2 Dream World Plushies 20x Dream Points
4 Buy 10 Lottery Tickets. 200x GC
5 Fill your Party with Fire Pokemon! 20x Berry
6 Hatch 3 eggs 10x random Gems
7 Flip the coin 50 times 3x Ultra Ball
8 Bid on an Auction + Interact with 25 Pokémon/Eggs on the Index-Page Event Pokémon: Tailluchi
9 Send 2 Plushies to another user! (Min. Price: 10DP) 1x Event Plushie
10 Send a christmas gift to a friend. 1x Evolution Item
11 Set up a Wonder Trade! 1x Mystery Box
12 Solve 20 hangmen at the Game Center! 1x Christmas Gift
13 Free Friday! 5x Pokéball
14 Place 5 Ice-Pokemon in your Party. 15x Berries
15 Send out at least one christmas gift + Make 1000 Interactions. 1x Yamper egg
16 Make a feed using the #MyFavoriteMemory hashtag! 1x Mystery Box
17 Flip the coin 50-times. 500x GC
18 Set up a Wonder Trade! 1x Evolution Item
19 Set up an auction at the Auction House + Bid on at least 3 auctions! 1x Mystery Box
20 Hatch 3 eggs. 1x Skugar Plushie
21 Send 2 christmas gifts + 100 interactions + do 20 coinflips. 1x DNA Splicer
22 Make 2000 Interactions. 1x Rookidee egg
23 Put Spheal, Delibird and Vanillite in your Party. 1x Snowling Plushie
24 Interact with 8 Pokemon/Eggs on the Index-Page + Hatch 4 eggs + Set up a wondertrade + Promise that you're not on Santa's naughty list! 1 Week of Premium Membership
Open at least 20 doors until Christmas and receive a brand new event Pokémon!!

Open all 24 doors and receive a special surprise.