A Rogue Monkey

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A Rogue Monkey

What's this hiding over there in this pile of leaves? I-It's running towards you!

Zarude is a Legendary that was released through an Event from 11th to 30th November 2022. It was the second legenday event where players were able to increase their shiny chance by choosing the Shaymin Plushie instead of a Pokémon egg. The chances reset after adopting an egg.

It appeared from:

  • 11th November to 30th November 2022

Obtaining Zarude

Zarude can be obtained by interacting with Eggs & Pokemon. An icon of Zarude will randomly appear on your userbar while interacting.

If you see the icon, you can click on it to get the plushie or egg, provided you have a free space in your party to obtain the egg, but if you don't, you always have time to make space. Note that it is not required to have a free slot in the party for it to appear in the userbar.
Zarude will appear randomly on your userbar while interacting.

Receiving Zarude

Getting Zarude Gifts
After clicking the Zarude on your userbar, it will show you a clearer image of it, and will ask you which gift you would like to claim.

After accepting the gift, you will have a Zarude Egg in your party or a new Plushie in your plushie collection; the last one will increase the shiny chance for the next possible egg you could get.