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The userprofile is a user's public profile. They can be accessed by everyone

How to access

Userprofiles page follow this structure:


User pages are divided into sections.


The first box displays the user's name, avatar, gender and trainerlevel. If the user has a premium account activated then their Premium banner will be shown under the trainerlevel. There is also a link to their Boxes and Pokédex on the right.

Game Records

Some user's stats are displayed here.

  • Trainer ID: A random number assigned to the user when their account was created.
  • Registration: Date at the user made their account.
  • Duration of their premium account if they have a premium account active.
  • Game Time: Displays the time that the user has been around the site.
  • Total interactions: It says how many interactions have been done by the user since they registered.
  • Money: The amount for Pokédollars (not nuggets) that the user has earned.
  • Starter Pokémon: It displays the user's starter Pokémon and links to it.


Like in some social networks, users can post here through their userpage or from the Notifications page. The most recent user's feeds are displayed here.

However, as of 14th September 2014, Riako only made it possible to make feeds from your Notifications page due to the fact that the feed tool was deprecated and did not include the Anti-SPAM tool.


Viewing a party
You can see the full party of the user, and some information is displayed, such as the species, sprites and EXP/EHP needed to hatch or to go up to the next level.


Medals that have been won by this user will be placed here. If you hover over it, you will see the type of medal and the date that it was obtained at.

Badge Showcase

A Badge Showcase

The entire badge showcase is displayed here. Badges obtained by the user will be opaque, while the not obtained ones will look translucid.


The latest 4 plushies gifted to you by other users will be displayed. You can view someone's plushie collection by clicking "View collection", and you can view their Plushie Gift Log by clicking "View gift log"


Polls which you have made will be displayed on your Userprofile for everyone to see, and for everyone to vote. Your polls can be edited on the "Poll Manager" page - which is accessed through the "Settings" tab.

About me

Located under the party, this sections allows to you to write something about you, or something that you want other people know. BB codes can be used here. The maximum number of characters allowed is 2,000.


The contact sections displays an user's links to their userprofiles in other sites, if they have set a contact link to appear. The last action performed by the user is shown here.

Some contact links may only be visible to that user's friends.

Last visitors

The last section shows the last five users who visited the userprofile and the time at they visited it.