Delibird Item Delivery

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Welcome to the Delibird Delivery!

The Delibird Item Delivery has been replaced by the Global Trade Station.

If you would like to send one or more Items to a certain Trainer then Delibird Item Delivery is the place to go!
This place joined PokéHeroes on November 8th to fulfil the wish of a lot of Trainers to make multi-trading items easier.
You can find the Delibird Item Delivery by hovering over 'Town' and clicking on the Global Trade Station where it's listed in the Menu.

Your packages

You received a package!

As soon as you receive a package from another Trainer, you will receive a message on your Notification Page.
The received package will show the sender's name, the sent items and a message from the sender, if any.

Sending items

Overview of how to create a package
To create a package you first have to click the button 'Open Item Bag' to see an overview of all items in your possession which are able to be send through the Delivery.

At the top you can fill in the recipient's name. Below you see the list of all items you can send with their sprites, names, the field where you can choose the amount you would like to send and your stock. The items are listed like at the Item Shop when you sell your items.
You can choose one or as many items as you like, same or different kinds, but for every item you have to pay a little fee:

  • Normal Items 7 Pokedollar.png per Item
  • Luxury Items 25 Pokedollar.png per Item

The TOTAL will also be listed.

At the bottom you can attach an optional message before sending the package to the recipient.
As soon as you are done, click the 'Send'-Button to get a last overview of your package.

Please confirm your package!
You can check again if you did everything right before sending the package to the choosen recipient by clicking the 'Confirm' button or 'Cancel' the whole order. Don't forget to click 'Confirm' when you're done! Otherwise the package will not be sent.

Items which can't be sent

You can't send Vouchers through the Delibird Delivery.