Advent Raffle 2013

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Before the Advent has begun, there was a Advent Calender contest. If someone voted for an entry, they would recieve 1x Advent-raffle-ticket.png Raffle Ticket. When the Advent has begun, it has been announced that you could start using your raffle tickets for a chance to win a Kalos Starter Plushie.

The Raffle Plushies

Getting Raffle Tickets

You were able to get 1x Advent-raffle-ticket.png Raffle ticket everyday only if you were able to complete the challenge on the Advent Calender. You were also able to recieve a ticket by voting on the Advent Calender Contest.

Using the Tickets

Taking part on the raffle

If you had a Raffle Ticket, you were able to access the 'Advent Raffle' page. To use the tickets, you would need to enter your Address, and enter the amount of Raffle Tickets you wanted to use. After you used a ticket, your Address will be saved until the end of the Advent.