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| align="center"|[http://pokeheroes.com/userprofile.php?name=Eeveelution8 Eeveelution8]
| align="center"|[http://pokeheroes.com/userprofile.php?name=Eeveelution8 Eeveelution8]
| align="center"|[[File:Wiki510595128.gif.png]]
| align="center"|[[File:Wiki510595128.gif.png]]
|''Hello, I'm Eeveelution8, but you can call me Eve. I started work on the PokeHeroes Wiki as a Wiki Helper as of Dec 2014. You can chat with me about (almost) anything. Like my colleagues, I love to write, so if you feel like I should write a Wiki article or want to ask a question, PM me in English or Malay.
|''Hello, I'm Eeveelution8, but you can call me Eve. I started work on the PokeHeroes Wiki as a Wiki Helper as of Dec 2014. You can chat with me about (almost) anything. Like my colleagues, I love to write, so if you want to ask a question or simply want to chat, PM me in English or Malay.
| align="center"|[http://pokeheroes.com/userprofile.php?name=EternityOfMagic EternityOfMagic]
| align="center"|[http://pokeheroes.com/userprofile.php?name=EternityOfMagic EternityOfMagic]

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These are the current Staff Members from Pokehéroes.


Position Duties
Administrator The admin manages the site. He programs new features, ensures that the site works correctly and chooses the other Staff members, etc.
Moderator Moderators are in charge of keeping the forum clean and manage the user base so there are no problems between users.
Spriter Spriters design new Event Pokémon and Gen VI Pokémon.
Artist Artists design tasks such as backgrounds, and artworks that will be used in the site.
Wiki Administrator Manage the wiki along with the Administrators. They can delete pages and create accounts, among other privileges
Wiki Helper Wiki Helpers are in charge of writing articles in this wiki. Note that other than the wiki, they have no power on the site so they should behave like normal members.

Current Staff members

All Userbanners are made by Abby!

Username Position Description
Riako Admin201681867.gif I'm the founder and administrator of PokéHeroes.

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions regarding this game or the staff.

Doopliss Mod143922353.gif Hello there~ I'd love to help you out in any possible way I can, so don't be afraid to ask me anything site related. I consider myself to be a welcoming, kindhearted person, always there whenever you need me ^o^
Kankri_Vantas Mod443149953.gif Feel free to ask me about anything site-related or otherwise. I will absolutely never bite, and I'll try to be as helpful as possible. My Pal Pad will always be open to everyone no matter what. :T
KiraTrikk Mod558555735.gif Heyo! I'm one of the moderators for this lovely site, and I consider myself to be quite a friendly person, I'm always happy to help and I'm never too far away. So if you need any assistance with anything on-site, you can always talk to me via PM or PalPad and I'll help as much as I possibly can ^^
KevinXDE Mod926058766.gif Hi everyone ^^, I'm Kevin and I'm a Moderator on the site. If you have any questions regarding the game or you have any problems you can always contact me via PalPad or PM, and I will help you gladly :p. You can talk me both in English and Spanish ^_^
Liirah Mod937463883.gif I'd consider myself being a nice and peace-loving person, always giving a helping hand when needed. I am happy when you are, so don't hesitate to ask for help at any time! :]

As a Moderator, I'll basically be focusing on keeping the forums clean and helping you guys out the best I can. So whenever you have doubts about anything going on here or can't seem to find a solution to the latest issue of yours, I am one of the girls to ask! Even if I don't know the answer of your question instantly, I sure will find out. Don't be shy, I'll always be available for you. :]

SilverLugia456 Mod674821521.gif I'm a kind and friendly person, if you need assistance with questions or anything site-related you can message me. I'll try my best to be helpful as possible and answer questions as clearly and quickly as I can.
Techie Mod24332468.gif Hi there! 030/ I am one of your many mod's here in PH. I have quite the quirky, nerdy, geeky, loving personality, and I am always willing to answer any question or concerns you might have. Don't be afraid to contact me, trust me I don't bite, I just nibble. \030/
Yoru Mod732298178.gif I'm a friendly and cheerful person and I enjoy helping others, so don't be afraid and write to me and I'll try to answer your question as good as I can ^^ You can do this either by PalPad or PM :)
SpicyPants Spriter778401081.gif Yo~ You can just call me Spicy. I sprite for the site and I'm a little weird. I'm way into art, videogames, and nature. I hope you all enjoy the sprite events I work on just as much as I enjoy working on them. ^^
WhiteAndBlack2 Spriter225480413.gif Hi~! I'm WhiteAndBlack2, but you can call me Whitey. I'm working as a spriter for the site. I love Anime (A lot), animals and drawing. I'm kind and friendly person, so feel free to talk with me if you want to ask something or just want to chat~ <3
Abby Spriter167474336.gif Artist167474336.gif I will work as both spriter and artist as I love both things. You should feel free to talk and ask me anything art related you need (as long as it is not related with top secret staff things). I am always open to talk and you can contact me both in English and Spanish c;
Marikot Artist197590014.gif Hello! I'm Marikot, but you can just call me Mari. I am an artist for the site and an animator in real life. You know those plushies you guys all love? Yes! I make most of them!

Don't be shy to ask me stuff or even chat with me, I'm a friendly person. I speak both Portuguese and English, so you can talk to me in either. My PalPad is open to everyone~

Requiem Artist761794812.gif I work as an Artist and love my "Job" x3

I'm open for many things and I try to do my best for others everytime. Don't be shy to ask me any questions... I only bite when you sturgeon me while I'm reading.

-Max Wiki Admin.gif Hey! I'm Max and I'm working here as a Wiki Admin and i love my job :3

I'm a friendly person - so, if you have any question about the site or want to talk, don't hesitate to PM me!

Yuucchii Wiki Helper Sketchi.gif Hai! I'm (Yuucchii)Sketchi! I've changed my username as of May 2014, but please feel free to still call me anything you are familiar with. I work on the Pokeheroe's Wiki with my other colleagues. Please feel free to talk about me about anything. I love writing about the site, if you ever feel like the anything is unclear on the Wiki or you feel like we should add anything always feel free to PM or PalPad me. (In English, or French only)
CometandAqua Wiki233949635.gif.png Hey there, I'm CometandAqua (Latula_Pyrope), but you can call me Latula or any nickname you want. My username changed as of January 2015, but it'll be changed back in about May. If you want to chat with me, ask me a question about the site, or feel that a wiki page needs to be written, feel free to PM me. I love helping out any and everybody on PokeHeroes, so don't be shy about it! ^_^
Eeveelution8 Wiki510595128.gif.png Hello, I'm Eeveelution8, but you can call me Eve. I started work on the PokeHeroes Wiki as a Wiki Helper as of Dec 2014. You can chat with me about (almost) anything. Like my colleagues, I love to write, so if you want to ask a question or simply want to chat, PM me in English or Malay.
EternityOfMagic Wiki801283783.gif.png Hi ^.^ I'm EternityOfMagic. I work as a Wiki Helper and really enjoy <3 I've always found writing fun and I love to write for the Wiki. If you have any questions regarding the site, or if you just want to chat, please feel free to PM/PalPad me.