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The HeroChat was a PokeHeroes chat which could have be accessed by hovering over the Community tab. This chat was released in mid February 2014 and was later removed following a server update on 11 Jun 2020.

The chat room


Online list. Moderators have orange names.
This chat has rules and if any are broken, moderators may have to kick you out of the chat for a specific amount of time, or ban you for several days. Moderators on the chat will have an orange name on the online list.
  • Talk in English only. Or speak the best English you can.
  • Preferably no slang/text language (Lol, Omg are however acceptable)
  • Cursing and swearing is not acceptable.
  • Do not post links to pornography or any other inappropriate webpages.
  • Do not beg for people to interact with your eggs/Pokemon.
  • Do not make trading arrangements in the chat. Take it to PMs or the forums instead.
  • Formatting (Bold/Italics/Underlining/Text color) is only reserved for proper emphasis or chat quizzes and should not be abused without a proper reason.
  • No spamming - this includes; posting single word messages to form sentences and using more than three smilies at a time.


The chat could also have some events such as Chat quizzes. Official chat quizzes are normally hosted by the admin of the website, (Riako). Future chat quizzes hosted by Riako will be announced on the Index Page, or his feeds. Other users also can host their own chat quizzes, but they will still need to follow the rules above and make the quiz fair for everyone.