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Pokeheroes' Facebook

Pokeheroes' official Facebook page is located here. This page is made to announce events, and other news or thoughts from the admin. There may also be special Facebook giveaways that occur.

Past Events

This is a list of past events that were held on our Facebook page. This is listed in chronological order. Usually, to enter events you must "like" the post and post your username in the comments.

  • 3k Dream Points or 1 Month Premium or 10k Event points (one winner for each section) (September 12th-15th 2014)
  • One week premium membership x10 (July 1st-July 8th 2014)
  • 10,000 Event Points Raffle + consolation raffle of 100 event points x10(May 21st-May 25th 2014)
  • One week premium membership giveaway. (April 18th-21st 2014)
  • Red Flute Giveaway x3 (March 28-March 30th 2014)
  • Free Flabebes (March 5th-March 6th)