Tall Grass

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In the Tall Grass you can look for eggs that have been sent to the wild. You need to purchase an Egg-radar.png Egg Radar from the Item Shop in order to access to it.

How to access

You can access to the Tall Grass if you have an Egg-radar.png Egg Radar by hovering over the Town Tab, located at the top of every page.

Egg Radar Chips

You need to have Egg-radar-chip.png Egg Radar Chips in order to search eggs in the Tall Grass. There are 6 different chips, one per egg rarity (Easy, Medium, Hard, Rare, Starter, Legend). These can be purchased from the Item Shop if you have the Egg Radar.

Finding Legendary Pokemon

The only Legendary Pokemon which can be found in the Tall Grass are Latios, Latias, and Keldeo. These Pokemon can only be found if you have the correct items - including the Legendary Radar Chip.

Latios & Latias can be found if you have an Enigma Stone. Enigma Stone's are found rarely from Mystery Boxes.

Keldeo can be found if you have a Resolute Stone. The Resolute Stone can be obtained in the Lab from Prof. Rowan through an undiscovered method and it can also be found in Mystery Boxes.

Searching eggs

Choosing the Pokémon

Searching for a medium rarity egg in the tall grass
Once you own the Egg Radar and at least one chip, you can search for eggs in the tall grass. To do so, choose a Pokémon from the dropdown menu. In the menu, the Pokémon are sorted by dex number. The number of that kind of eggs are in brackets.

Important note: You can only search for eggs that are recorded in your Eggdex and you have the chip corresponding to their rarity.
(For example: If you have Psyduck's eggdex entry and you have the Medium chip, you will be able to search for it)
Once that have selected the Pokémon, press "search" and the searching will begin.

Searching the eggs

Once you made your selection, the radar will start searching for the egg. It will take some time to find it, which depends of the egg rarity you are searching for (the rarer the egg, the more the time it takes to search it)
Once the time is up, you will be presented some bushes, depending on the rarity of the egg. In at least one of the bushes, there will be the egg you are looking for. If you don't click the right one, a wild pokemon will appear, attack you, and the time will start all over again.

Information about the time and bushes depending on egg rarity

Egg rarity Time that the search takes Number of bushes
Easy 3 minutes 4
Medium 10 minutes 9
Hard 20 minutes 16
Rare 30 minutes 25
Starter 1 hour 25
Legend 1 hour 36