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Egg.png 0772.png 0773.png
Evolution: Silvally

Type: Null is a Legendary Pokémon that is obtained from Prof. Rowan after completing your Alola Dex. You will receive Type: Null in its egg form - the egg will not break your shiny chain.

Type: Null is breedable, with the Egg Group "Legendary". Type: Null can only be bred with a Ditto to produce more Type: Null Eggs.

If the Type: Null Egg is obtained from the Daycare, then it will count towards your shiny chain.




Pokedex information:
The heavy control mask it wears suppresses its intrinsic capabilities. This Pokémon has some hidden special power.
Species: Synthetic Types: Normal.gif
EHP: 30,855 EXP to level 100: 1,250,000
Egg group: Legendary Mega Capable: N/A
Gender Ratio:

Male M.png: —%    Female F.png: —%    Genderless G.png: 100%


Normal Shiny Shiny star.png
0772.png 1772.png


Type: Null evolves into Silvally with high friendship (Soothe-bell.pngSoothe Bell or Acupuncture).