The Great Sheep Hunt 2014

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The Sheep Hunting contest is a staff-made contest. Users needed to hatch Mareep eggs which were obtained through the Tall Grass and level the Mareep/Flaafy/Ampaharos up to level 100 [More information below]. It was made on the 12/06/2014 and ended when 30 people completed the tasks.

The Tasks

These are the tasks users had to complete in order to be in the top 30.

→ Hatch 3x 179.png Mareep Eggs that are obtained from the Tall Grass.

→ The Mareep Eggs have to be obtained after June 11th.

→ Train them all to Level 100 or higher (it's your choice whether you want to evolve them or not)

→ Place them in your party and post "I'm finished!!" (or similar) in this topic.

During the hunt, Mareep Eggs would not break your Pokeradar Shiny chain.

Required Items

Below, are the following items users needed to be able to participate in this contest.

Egg-radar.png Egg Radar

Egg-radar-chip.png Egg Radar Chip (Medium)


The contest was based on a first come, first served, meaning only the first few people will be able to obtain the prize.

There were be thirty winners in total. The first 3 people won a Shiny Furfrou. The 27 people won a Normal Furfrou.

Rank #1 to #3:

Shinyfurfruou by aqua spirit22-d7ig7gn.png

1x Shiny Furfrou

Rank #4 to #30:


x1 Normal Furfrou