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Hisuian Starters
New Event Distribution

The hisuian forms of three Starter Pokémon have arrived in Emera Town: Typhlosion, Samurott and Decidueye! Professor Rowan received a large order of these Pokémon from his old friend Kamado from the Sinnoh-Region. Actually, he ordered it quite a while ago, when Sinnoh was still called Hisui. (Thankfully—and surprisingly—the Pokémon are still alright...)
In fact, Rowan placed the order such a long time ago that he no longer needs them for his own research now. He has meanwhile changed his mind (and shifted his focus in research), and so he is now giving away these Pokémon to worthy trainers!
Show Professor Rowan that you are a dedicated trainer by participating in our newest Event Distribution, and get your own Hisuian Starter!


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