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Evolution line
Evolution: Torracat

Litten is one of the three Alola Starter Pokémons (with Rowlet and Popplio).

Litten was first obtainable during the Alola Event from 18/Nov/2016 to 30/Nov/2016. It is now obtainable at the Lab and breedable at the Daycare.


Pokedex information:
While grooming itself, it builds up fur inside its stomach. It sets the fur alight and spews fiery attacks, which change based on how it coughs.
Species: Fire Cat Types: Fire.gif
EHP: 5,355 EXP to level 100: 1,059,860
Egg group: Field
Gender Ratio:

Male: 88.1% ......Female: 11.9%


Normal Shiny
0725.png 1725.png


Litten evolves into Torracat when reaching Level 17