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The Gem Cauldron is a feature that was implemented on February 17, 2014. It can be found on the Gem Collector's page once you have reached Trainerlevel 7. It is used to transform Gems into rare items by boiling them. The Gem Cauldron was updated on February 2, 2016. This update consisted of an entire new design and boiling method.

How to Unlock

You must have reached Trainerlevel 7 to unlock the Gem Cauldron, and it is required that you pay a one-time fee of 50,000 PD to repair the cauldron. You must then wait 24 hours for the cauldron to be repaired.

How to Play

Boiling Recipes

The Gem Cauldron has many different recipes in which you can choose from. Some recipes are locked until you gain enough experience to unlock them. Experience is gained by boiling gems in the cauldron.

Each recipe shows an image of the item, and lists the required gems. Once you have the required amount of gems, click 'boil' to begin the game.

During the game, the image of the cauldron will appear with the required gems shown underneath. In the centre of the cauldron, a gem will appear. You must then click the matching gem underneath the cauldron. This process will be repeated until all gems have been used.

You are only given a certain amount of seconds to complete the minigame. The time can be increased by purchasing an 'Odd Incense' from the item shop.

If all the gems have been placed into the cauldron correctly, the cauldron will begin to boil and you must wait the certain time period given before claiming your prize.


Image Item Name Required Gems
Big-Fire-stone.png Fire Stone Fire-gem.pngFire Gem x10 Ground-gem.pngGround Gem x2

Rock-gem.pngRock Gem x2 Normal-gem.pngNormal Gem x4

Big-Water-stone.png Water Stone Water-gem.pngWater Gem x10 Ice-gem.pngIce Gem x2

Steel-gem.pngSteel Gem x2 Normal-gem.pngNormal Gem x4

Big-Leaf-stone.png Leaf Stone Grass-gem.pngGrass Gem x10 Bug-gem (1).pngBug Gem x2

Psychic-gem.pngPsychic Gem x2 Normal-gem.pngNormal Gem x4

Big-Thunderstone.png Thunderstone Electric-gem.pngElectric Gem x10 Flying-gem.pngFlying Gem x2

Fighting-gem.pngFighting Gem x2 Normal-gem.pngNormal Gem x4

Moon-stone.png Moon Stone ???
Big-Sun-stone.png Sun Stone ???
Big-Shiny-stone.png Shiny Stone ???
Big-Dusk-stone.png Dusk Stone ???
Big-Dawn-stone.png Dawn Stone ???
Big-Mega-stone.png Mega Stone ??