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Evolution line
Festival-Ralts-Egg.png Festival-Ralts.png Festival-Kirlia.png Festival-Gardevoir.png
Evolution: Festival Gardevoir

Festival Kirlia is an Event Pokemon released on 19/Nov/2013 to 30/Nov/2013. It is evolved from Festival Ralts

PokéDex Information

"Once the ralts have learned the basic knowledge of festivals, they evolve into Kirlia."

Type: Psychic.gif Fairy.gif

Species: Kimono

Egggroup: Amorphous

EXP. to Level 100: 1,250,000

Breedable: * YES


Normal Shiny Shiny star.png
Festival-Kirlia.png Shiny-Festival-Kirlia.png


Festival Kirlia evolves into Festival Gardevoir at level 50