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Q: How do I get Honey?

A: Honey is obtainable through Rumbling, from the Honeycombs on Route 53 or buying it from other users.

Q: How do I get gems?

A: Gems can be obtained through Rumbling, Golden Game Slot, Mystery Boxes and Royal Tunnel.

Q: How can I evolve Pokemon that evolves through happiness?

A: You will need to buy a Soothe Bell from the Item Shop, and then USE it on a Pokemon through your item bag. (You do not give it the item)! Or you can use the Acupuncture at the Salon.

Q: How do I level up my Trainerlevel?

A: Visit the Trainerlevel page to find out.

Q: How do I battle?

A: You can battle users with the "Vs. Seeker" that is purchasable in the Item Shop.

Q: How do you find Harvest Sprites?

A: Once you reach Trainerlevel 10, you can explore the Ancient Cave. There, you will find hints on how to find each one. It is not allowed to tell other users how to find them.

Q: How do I get a Mega Pokemon?

A: Read the Mega Pokémon article.

Q: How do I get legendary Pokemon?

A: Read the Legendary Pokémon article.

Q: Where can I find the Server Time?

A: It's located at the very bottom right of every page.

Q: What effect has feeding berries to Pokemon?

A: The chance of finding (higher amounts of) Pokédollar and Golden Game Chips is increased by a high percentage. And the Pokémon also gain more EXP.

Q: How would you evolve a Pokemon like Feebas, which needs Beauty to evolve?

A: You do it like you would do it in Gen V. Trade it while it is holding a Prism Scale.

Q: Can you breed Retros?

A: No, you can't. Their egg group is "Undiscovered", just like most of the legendaries.

Q: Where do released Pokemon go?

A: It's unknown. (In fact, they are deleted.)

Q: What determines what branch of evolution Wurmple will evolve into?

A: It's random.

Q: How do we evolve Pokémon with attack-based or location-based evolutions?

A: They evolve after reaching the required level for learning this move regulary in the game series. (For example Tangela at Level 36). The only exception is Piloswine who evolves starting at Level 50.
Pokémon which have a location-based evolution needs to rumble a certain area (see Rumbling).

Q: Do the Harvest Sprites break your shiny chain?

A: No, they do not.

Q: Do I need to have credit deposited for my Pokemon to have eggs?

A: You will need to have credit for them to breed. If you don't put credit into the daycare, they won't produce.

Q: Is there a way to search if any user has a certain Pokemon?

A: You can - if you have its PokéDex Entry. Then you see at least the amount of this Pokémon species on the whole site by looking at it's frequency.

Q: Can you take your bids back from the auction house?

A: No, you can't. All you can do is wait and hope for someone else to outbid you.

Q: Can people train your Pokemon from storage boxes?

A: Yes they can.

Q: How do I put my Pokemon into a box?

A: You need to do it from the Storage Boxes (see Storage Box)

Q: How much time does it take for a Pokemon to get attracted to the honey on Route 53?

A: It's random. A Pokémon can appear after only 15 minutes, but it can also take up to 12 hours.

Q: Are the berries that cost more in the item shop rarer than the berries that cost 40 Pokedollars?

A: Expensive berries were originally meant to be a PD trading system, but it's no longer needed since we can gift Pokedollars now. They are expensive for no reason now.

Q: When I use the Enigma Stone in the Tall Grass and click on 'Cancel search' will the item be lost or can I just restart the search later again?

A: No, the item will not disappear until you find the Latios/Latias egg from the Tall Grass.

Q Can I breed legendary Pokemon?

A You can be able to breed Genesect, Arceus, Deoxys, Mewtwo and Diancie with a ditto. (They are trade-locked, though.) Manaphy can also breed with Ditto to give Phione eggs. All other legendaries are unbreedable.

Q What are these Prof. Rowan Quests??

A They are quests are randomly given to users to do a certain task. They may involve leveling up a pokemon, hatching eggs or going on rumble missions. You will be rewarded with a golden pokeball if you can complete them. Complete them all and you will earn the badge Rowan's Best Friend.

Q How can I obtain boxes and keys?

A You can be able to get all boxes and keys from Rumbling(except gold boxes). Golden boxes can only be obtained through the Golden Game Slot or by giving Jirachi 5 Star Pieces.

Q What can I get from boxes or keys?

A The items are random each time some are more rare than others the list includes: Berries, evolution stones, fossils, maps, etc.

Q How do I remove items from my pokemon?

A Go to that pokemon's page and press Take item. The page should refresh and the item should be removed.

Q What is a Chat Quiz?

A A Chat Quiz can be a official or user made event. It simply involves asking questions in the Herochat and seeing who is the fastest to answer them. Prizes, scoring and number of questions and other rules are all determined by the host of the event.