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Pokémon on Pokéheroes evolve when they reach a specific level. To find out what level a certain Pokemon evolves at, you should always use Bulbapedia or any other Pokémon encyclopedia.

This guide is about evolving Pokemon who need specific requirements to evolve.

Item Evolution

To evolve a Pokémon with an Evolution Item, you will need to go to your Item Bag which can be accessed by hovering over 'Home'. You will then need to click the 'Evo. Stones' tab and then click "Use" next to the required Item. Then choose the right Pokémon from your Party/Storage Boxes and it will evolve (as long as the item fits for this Pokémon).

  • Dawn Stone Dawn-stone.png
    • Kirlia (male only) → Gallade
    • Snorunt (female only) → Froslass
    • Driflamp → Lightblim
  • Dusk Stone Dusk-stone.png
  • Fire Stone Fire-stone.png
    • Vulpix → Ninetales
    • Growlithe → Arcanine
    • CuddlitheArcaddly
    • Pansear → Simisear
  • Ice Stone Ice-stone.png
    • Sandshrew (Alolan) → Sandslash (Alolan)
    • Vulpix (Alolan) → Ninetales (Alolan)
    • WoopiceQuagschnee
  • Moon Stone Moonstone.png
    • Nidorina → Nidoqueen
    • Nidorino → Nidoking
    • Clefairy → Clefable
    • Jigglypuff → Wigglytuff
    • Skitty → Delcatty
    • Munna → Musharna
    • Nightmare MunnaNightmare Musharna
  • Oval Stone Oval-stone.png
    • Happiny → Chansey (don't use the item but give it to Happiny and level it up during the day!)
  • Shiny Stone Shiny-stone.png
    • Togetic → Togekiss
    • Roselia → Roserade
    • Minccino → Cinccino
    • Floette → Florges
  • Sun Stone Sun-stone.png
    • Gloom → Bellossom
    • Sunkern → Sunflora
    • Cottonee → Whimsicott
    • Petilil → Lilligant
    • Helioptile → Heliolisk
  • Thunder Stone Thunderstone.png
  • Water Stone Water-stone.png
    • Poliwhirl → Poliwrath
    • Shellder → Cloyster
    • Staryu → Starmie
    • Lombre → Ludicolo
    • Panpour → Simipour
  • Weather Balloon Weather-balloon.png
    • Castform → different forms depending on the weather.

Happiness Evolution

To evolve a Pokémon that normally evolves with a high Happiness stat, you need to use a Soothe Bell Soothe-bell.png. It's sometimes available at the Item Shop for 2000 Pokedollar.png.
If your Trainerlevel is 11 or higher, you can give your Pokémon Acupuncture at the Salon for 4000 Pokedollar.png to raise its Happiness and evolve it after 15 minutes.

  • Golbat → Crobat
  • Chansey → Blissey
  • Pichu → Pikachu
  • SatichuSatochu
  • Cleffa → Clefairy
  • Igglybuff → Jigglypuff
  • Togepi → Togetic
  • Azurill → Marill
  • Budew → Roselia
  • Buneary → Lopunny
  • Chingling → Chimecho
  • Munchlax → Snorlax
  • Sugar ShockCandy Belly
  • Riolu → Lucario
  • RokkyuLucario-sensei
  • Woobat → Swoobat
  • Swadloon → Leavanny
  • Meowth (Alolan) → Persian (Alolan)

Move Evolution

Since Pokémon can't learn any moves on PokéHeroes, the Pokémon that would normally evolve by learning a specific move have to be evolved differently here. The Pokémon evolves when reaching the level on which it would learn this move in the original game series or are set to a specific level if a different action in the game is required:

  • Tangela at Level 36
  • Lickitung at Level 33
  • Mime Jr. at Level 18
  • Piloswine at Level 50
  • Inkay at Level 30
  • Steenee at Level 29
  • Poipole at Level 40

Trade Evolution

Just like in the original games, Pokémon listed below need to be traded with another user to make them evolve. (Please note that buying Pokémon at an auction also counts as trading! So unless the Pokémon is holding an Everstone, it will evolve once being transferred to your account.)

  • Kadabra → Alakazam
  • Autumn KadabraAutumn Alakazam
  • Machoke → Machamp
  • Graveler → Golem
  • Haunter → Gengar
  • Boldore → Gigalith
  • Gurrdurr → Conkeldurr
  • Phantump → Trevenant
  • Pumpkaboo → Gourgeist
  • Graveler (Alolan) → Golem (Alolan)

Item Trade Evolution

Just like in the original games except for some evolutions, Pokémon listed below need to be traded with another user to make them evolve while holding their respective items. (Please note that buying Pokémon at an auction also counts as trading! So unless the Pokémon isn't holding it's respective trade evolution item, it will evolve once being transferred to your account.)

  • King's Rock Kings-rock.png
    • Poliwhirl → Politoed
    • Slowpoke → Slowking
    • SlowyoreYoreking (no trading required here; just give the item and feed Slowyore Honey)
  • Metal Coat Metal-coat.png
    • Onix → Steelix
    • Scyther → Scizor
  • Rhydon evolves into Rhyperior when holding a Protector Protector.png via trade
  • Seadra evolves into Kingdra when holding a Dragon Scale Dragon-scale.png via trade
  • Electabuzz evolves into Electivire when holding an Electirizer Electirizer.png via trade
  • Magmar evolves into Magmortar when holding a Magmarizer Magmarizer.png via trade
  • Porygon evolves into Porygon2 when holding a Up-Grade Up-grade.png via trade
  • Gligar evolves into Gliscor when holding a Razor Fang Razor-fang.png via trade (during nighttime)
  • Sneasel evolves into Weavile when holding a Razor Claw Razor-claw.png via trade (during nighttime)
  • Porygon2 evolves into Porygon-Z when holding a Dubious Disc Dubious-disc.png via trade
  • Feebas evolves into Milotic when holding a Prism Scale Prism-scale.png via trade
  • Dusclops evolves into Dusknoir when holding a Reaper Cloth Reaper-cloth.png via trade
  • Clamperl evolves into Gorebyss when holding a DeepSeaScale Deepseascale.png via trade
  • Clamperl evolves into Huntail when holding a DeepSeaTooth Deepseatooth.png via trade
  • Spritzee evolves into Aromatisse when holding a Sachet Sachet.png via trade
  • Swirlix evolves into Slurpuff when holding a Whipped Dream Whipped-dream.png via trade


  • Eevee evolves into Flareon using a Fire Stone Fire-stone.png
  • Eevee evolves into Vaporeon using a Water Stone Water-stone.png
  • Eevee evolves into Jolteon using a Thunder Stone Thunderstone.png
  • Eevee evolves into Espeon when holding a Soothe Bell Soothe-bell.png and using a Sun Stone Sun-stone.png
  • Eevee evolves into Umbreon when holding a Soothe Bell Soothe-bell.png and using a Moon Stone Moonstone.png
  • Eevee evolves into Leafeon through Rumbling in the Mossy Forest
  • Eevee evolves into Glaceon through Rumbling in the Icy Mountains
  • Eevee evolves into Sylveon through Rumbling in the Playground

Karrablast & Shelmet

As you may know, Karrablast and Shelmet would usually evolve by trading one for the other. However, it works slightly different on PokéHeroes. In order to make those two evolve, you have to trade one whilst the other is in the recipent's party (i.e trading a Karrablast to somebody who has Shelmet in their party).

Rumble Evolution

  • Magneton evolves into Magnezone through Rumbling in the Lightstone Cave.
  • Nosepass evolves into Probopass through Rumbling in the Lightstone Cave.
  • Charjabug evolves into Vikavolt through Rumbling in the Lightstone Cave.
  • Crabrawler evolves into Crabominable through Rumbling in the Snowy Mountains.

Mega Evolution

In generation 6 Mega Pokémon have been introduced. To mega evolve your Pokémon on PokéHeroes you need to give them a Mega Stone and level them up to Level 50. For more information, check this article.