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BBCode are codes which can enchance your text and make it the way you want it to be.

BBCode can only be used in the Forums, or in the About Me section on your userprofile

What is BBCode?

BBCode or Bulletin Board Code is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in many message boards. The available tags are usually indicated by square brackets ([ ]) surrounding a keyword, and they are parsed by the message board system before being translated into a markup language that web browsers understand—usually HTML or XHTML.

Name Code Example
Bold [b]Text Here[/b] Screenshot 19.png
Italic [i]Text Here[/i] Screenshot 1.png
Underline [u]Text Here[/u] Screenshot 2.png
Struck-Out [s]Text Here[/s] Screenshot 3.png
Text Color [color=red]Text Here[/color] Screenshot 4.png
Text Size [size=14]Text Here[/size] Screenshot 5.png
Image [img]Image Link[/img] Pokedollar.png
Url [url=Link Here]Text Here[/url] The Example
Quote [quote]Text Here[/quote] ??
Quote with Username [quote=Username]Text Here[/quote] ??
Spoiler [spoiler]Text Here[/spoiler] ??
Center [center]Text Here[/center] ??
Horizontal Line [hr] Screenshot 6.png
Heading [h]Your text Here[/h] Screenshot 7.png
Pokemon Show Icon [pkmn]1[/pkmn] 1.png
Pokemon Show Big [pkmnbig]1[/pkmnbig] 01.png
Pokemon Show Big Shiny [pkmnbig=s]1[/pkmnbig] 11.png
User Tag [user]Username[/user] Riako
Code Tag [code]Code Goes here[/code] ??
More to be added.