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Retro Pokemon are Pokemon with Gen 1-3 sprites. They are not breedable.

Obtaining Retro Pokémon

Not all the Retro Pokémon are obtainable currently, but some can be obtained by purchasing Premium-ship.


  • 129.png - Retro Magikarp is currently only once obtainable as a gift from Prof. Rowan for helping him in a quest.
  • 151.png - Retro Mew can be obtained as a voucher when purchasing 1 year Premium-ship.
  • 175 (1).png - Retro Togepi can be obtained from the Daycare. After adopting 500 eggs from the daycare, the owner will ask you if you would like to take care of a mysterious egg. You can get another Retro Togepi for every 500 eggs you adopt form the Daycare.
  • 580.png - Retro Ducklett was obtainable during the admin's birthday for 1 day. 04/04/14. It is no longer obtainable.